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Daily 2nd Place for Monster Marathon???

2011-03-09 11:41:28 by CarrotPatrol

Wow! Thanks guys! I didn't expect that... you're awesome!
I originally made this for a University project, back in early 2009... It used to have an intro, in which you'd actually get to see the main character fall asleep at the beginning, but I cut it out since I thought you might find the animation more entertaining without it. Anyway, to those who voted and said nice things about it, I thank thee! If anyone's curious, the version with the intro is on my Youtube page:

You'll find it here!

Roughly a year later, I made a sequel to it, called Midnight Flash... It's of a somewhat different style (and much longer!) You can also find it here:

For those who'd like to see more of my work and check out what I'm doing, here's my website: CarrotlandFilms

You'll also find me on TWITTER, if you'd like to check what I'm doing on there too...

Thanks for reading!
Be seeing ya!

Daily 2nd Place for Monster Marathon???


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2011-03-09 14:44:39

you are very talented!

CarrotPatrol responds:

Thank you! You're nothing short of great yourself. :)


2011-03-10 02:21:25

it was pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

CarrotPatrol responds:

No dude, you're awesome! Thanks for watching my films!


2011-04-13 19:31:57

hhhh...awesome filme i loved the eon wet bruce lee keep up the hard wark and the crowd well love ya .peace

CarrotPatrol responds:

Thanks dude! Will try and keep making stuff! :)